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Dik Journey PC Game | $9.99

  • Features:

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  • - Engaging Match 3 Gameplay
  • - Power-Ups, Bombs and Skills
  • - Fantasy, Gay NSFW Game

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Duncan, a brave knight is chosen to save his homeland from the forces of darkness, he sets out to defend the Kingdom of Pantheron in hopes of uniting the 5 Dik Crystals, while meeting some interesting people along the way. Match gemstones to defend against creatures and villains while getting to know new friends and allies that will help you on your journey, then enjoy the time spent with them in the best way possible.

With each victory, you'll earn valuable coins that can be used to upgrade your skills and abilities, making you an even more formidable fighter. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter new types of enemies, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. You'll need to use all your wits and strategy to outsmart these foes and emerge victorious. In this game, completing quests will not only earn you rewards and help you progress through the story but also unlock interactions with various characters. These characters will have their unique personalities, backstories, and motivations, and you'll have the opportunity to get to know them better and have fun with them.


The continent of Orgathus is a vast and prosperous land blessed by a celestial protector known as the Divine One, who was able to achieve peace by sealing away The Dark One, a fell demon and destroyer of worlds, 1,000 years ago with the power of the 5 Dik Crystals. The continent is divided into 5 kingdoms who live in relative harmony, Patheron, the Holy Kingdom of Prosperity, Aurelios, Kingdom of Enchantment, Aquatous, Kingdom of the Sea, Kharterah, the Draconic Empire, and Luvielle, Kingdom of the Faire-Folk, all of which are watched over by the Guardian Angels of the Astral Plane, a realm in the clouds. The population of Orgathus mainly consists of male beings who often engage in sexual interaction to honor the Divine One and always expose themselves to the elements, in return, they allow them live a long and healthy life, as the power of love is the cornerstone of the Dik Crystals' existence and power. As of recently however, the seal has begun to weaken and darkness has begun pouring back into the world in the form of a demon called Inikka who has sworn himself to the Dark One and has established his own Empire within a nearby land overseas known as the Outerrealms, with the intention of conquering all of Orgathus with his army of The Shadowless, corrupt creatures who can influence the minds of the people, replacing love and compassion with pure lust and aggression, turning them into hulking beasts of unbridled sexual intensity. The only hope of saving the continent is a pure hearted hero chosen by the Guardian Angels to become the next Celestial Knight to reunite the 5 Dik Crystals within each Kingdom and prevent the resurrection of the Dark One once again.

The Holy Kingdom, Pantheron lays at the center of the continent and is a very prosperous country that is very ahead of its time, dedicated to the Guardian Angel Ramiel and the Divine One. Pantheron contains several thriving cities and tribes, home to a large population of humans, elves and barbarians who live together peacefully, ruled by the kind hearted King Jericho and his 5 sons. The city is well known for its bountiful harvest as well as its advances in technology thanks to the power of the Earth Dik Crystal entrusted to them by Ramiel to watch over until the day it is needed. The country’s colors are blue and gold to represent the sky and sun, the home of the angels.


Race: Human
Age: 22
Hometown: Remaire City, Pantheron Kingdom
Occupation: Knight, Blacksmith (part-time)

Duncan Carpenter is part of a wide-scale, Blacksmithing family company, currently owned by his father, and next in line to inherit the business as the oldest of the next generation. After the death of his Mother, Duncan swore to do everything he can to keep his Father and younger Brother safe, which becomes a challenge after the invasion of The Shadowless. After proving himself in battle, the angel Ramiel gifts Duncan the power of a celestial knight to protect realm from the forces of darkness. Duncan gives all that he can to protect the people of Patheron and beyond, with new friends by his side, he sets out on his journey to find the 5 Dik Crystals, free the continent of Orgathus from the Shadowless and bring the world into a new era of peace.

Race: Elf
Age: 21
Hometown: Faldon Village, Pantheron Kingdom
Occupation: Retainer

James is an elf from a village close to the city, and the grandson of the village chief, polite and noble, James strives to be the very image of perfection. James comes from a highly religious village heavily devoted to the Guardian Angel Ramiel's teachings, home to the Guardian's Cathedral, though he has yet to prove himself, he strives to be a strong a capable protector. After witnessing Duncan help defend his village, he recognizes him as the Celestial Knight and decides that the best way to prove his worth is by his side as his retainer, so he sets off on his journey across Orgathus by his side. Despite his prim and proper nature, he begins experiencing interesting feelings towards Duncan and his company, feelings that he's not sure if he should hold in or let loose for the good of the world.

Race: Karnyx
Age: 1000+
Hometown: ???
Occupation: None

Claiming to have descended from the Astral Plane with no memory of his past, Xander spends his days as a wandering traveler, going from place to place all over Orgathus. Xander has the ability to heal the sick and injured by transferring his own energy into them through sexual contact, at the same time, he is also a bard who often plays a flute. Xander joins Duncan on his quest as he feels a certain familiarity to him, in hopes that he can find his lost memories and return home, though while he appears to be a kind and friendly young man, perhaps there is more to this man than even he realizes.

Race: Barbarian
Age: 26
Hometown: the Temple of Strength, Pantheron Kingdom
Occupation: Retainer

Kostas is a barbarian from an expansive citadel north of the kingdom, close to Kharterah, where the people value strength and might above all else, and while he is loud, brash and profane, Kostas is regarded as the champion of the barbarians. Kostas is considered to be the strongest of all, yet, aside from his 12 brothers, he has yet to find an actual challenge where he doesn’t need to hold back his strength, until the day the Shadowless invades Pantheon and bears witness to the Celestial Knight Duncan as he defeats them with ease. Kostas declares himself as Duncan’s ward, hoping to find the challenge he has been searching for all his life, intending to come back a true champion worthy of the title, while at the same time, hoping to make Duncan his mate as he sees him as the perfect match for him in many ways.

Species: Angel
Age: 3000+
Hometown: The Astral Plane
Occupation: Guardian of Orgathus

Ramiel is the Astral Guardian of the continent of Orgathus, providing health and prosperity to all and does his best to keep the peace, as he is a firm believer that the people should love each other as they would love themselves. Ramiel was once in love with an archangel named Raziel, who saw something good in him that nobody else could see, but the other angels objected strongly to their union, believing that Raziel was nothing more than an Incubus and was corrupting him, so he was banished to the mortal plane. That day, Ramiel swore that he would never let anyone be judged based on appearances ever again, however, after discovering that a demon resembling his former lover, has unleashed the Shadowless on the world, he chooses Duncan as the new Celestial Knight in the hopes that he can save him from himself before he plunges the world into darkness.

Species: Incubus (formerly Archangel)
Age: 3000+
Hometown: The Outerrealms
Occupation: Ruler of the Shadowless Empire

Raziel was once an archangel of the mortal plane, watching over humans from the sky and partaking in their traditions and activities while entertaining them with a variety of tricks and trade. He had once fallen in love with the guardian angel Ramiel, who invited him to the Astral Plane, in the hopes of uniting the two planes into one community, a notion that the angels objected strongly to due to their belief that all angels must not directly interfere with humans, accusing Raziel of corrupting Ramiel to abandon his duties as the next guardian. As punishment, Raziel was forced to cover his face with a demonic mask that would not release him until he were to find someone on the Mortal Plane who could love him as himself, which most mortals could not bear to do so as they found his appearance terrifying. Rejected by the very people he thought were his friends, Raziel retreated to the Outerrealms where he chose to become exactly what the world had accused him of being, an Incubus, by unlocking the power of the Shadowless, Raziel, under the name “Inikka” aims to conquer the continent of Orgathus, through pure lust and depravity caused by the Shadowless creatures’ influence. Deep down, he truly hopes that he can find the one person who can free him from his curse.


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  • OS: Windows 7 or newer.
  • Processor: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.8 GHz.
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM.
  • Storage: 2 GB available space.
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible.
  • Internet connection