So you're looking for some 3d gay games or nsfw gay games? You're at the right place! xD


<<< Lancelot Jigsaw Challenge is a small, free jigsaw puzzle game we're gifting to the community, separate from our The Chronicles of Lancelot RPG >>>

Get ready to spice up your puzzle time, hun! 🌈 Introducing "Lancelot Jigsaw Challenge," the sassy jigsaw game designed with love for the LGBTQ+ fam! 💖 Picture this: dazzling 3D artwork, puzzle pieces as fabulous as you, and loads of sword-clashing action with our hunky knight, Lancelot, facing off against the fierce Thalindor. 💪

So, sugar, whether you're in it for the puzzle thrill or just can't resist a dose of Lancelot's charisma, this game's got you covered! Work your way through those puzzle challenges and unlock your front-row seat to an epic sword fight you won't wanna miss. 🔥

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Grab your rainbow puzzle pieces and let's make those connections! Download "Lancelot Jigsaw Challenge" now and get ready to live your gay jigsaw fantasy, hunty! 🏳️‍🌈✨


- Click on the pieces and drag them to the correct position

- When you win the game, you see an adult gay scene. LOL

If you find any bugs, please report it here . Thank you very much! :D


Gay-themed, Casual, Jigsaw Puzzle, NSFW


  • P4 2.4Ghz
  • RAM 1GB
  • VGA 128MB
  • HDD 1GB


- Extract and run Lancelot's Jigsaw Challenge Mini Game.exe to play.
- (In some rare cases on some PCs), if you encounter crashing when the final video plays (when you finish level 10) installing K-lite codec pack (it helps your PC play videos better) might help.
- When you win scroll the mouse to have a better view of the artwork.
- Save the hint for later pieces when it's hard to know which one is where.
- Enjoy gay life xD